90% hockey player Alexei Tereshchenko will remain in Kazan "AK bars" - agent

90% hockey player Alexei Tereshchenko will remain in Kazan MOSCOW, may 4. /Corr. ITAR-TASS Ruslan Aliyev/. Agent Valeriy Matveev said that his client striker of the national team of Russia on hockey Alexei Tereschenko is not yet signed a new contract with Kazan "AK Bars", but the probability of transition is 90 percent."Negotiations," said he. But the likelihood that he will remain at the Kazan club, great - 90%. He really wants to pursue a career in "AK bars". Read more -->

Passenger "Bulgaria": Eyes every baby the music room I will remember all my life

Passenger Exactly 10 am. Hall in the Palace "Yunost", where there is consideration of the "case of "Bulgaria", completed not more than a quarter. All the victims: miraculously survived during the collapse of the relatives of those who died.Five of the accused at the opposite end of the hall. Four, including the Sublessee ship Svetlana Inyakin, custody. One former Executive officer of the captain Ramil hometow under house arrest.This time the process began with judges comments:- I wonder: is it hard to find time to come and give evidence? The question arises: who we tighten trial?The question sounded quite reasonable: if that victims want as quickly as possible to investigate the case themselves are not in the courtroom!We have in the case is 184 victims, said "KP" assistant Tatar transport Prosecutor Eugene Dikarev.- Before the survey 109 witnesses and study of 100 volumes with the case, it is necessary to listen to all the victims.The prosecution intends to prove the guilt of each defendantPhoto: Vladimir VYRUCHAEVNext time do not appear in the court of risk to get there under the supervision of police officers."THEY SHOULD PAY THE SAME PRICE!". . Read more -->

Unexpected facts about breastfeeding

Unexpected facts about breastfeedingProlonged breastfeeding has long-term effect on blood pressure in childrenIt is well known that breastfeeding supports health breast feeding baby. But it is also considered that all bonuses breastfeeding disappear from his end, and even earlier, because "after a year of breast-milk anything useful there". Actually, of course, the benefits of breast milk does not disappear rapidly as soon as the child turns a year (or two, or three...) and prolonged breast-feeding has a very long-term consequences for the child. So, the Japanese study, which was divided 377 pairs of mother-child groups short (average of 5.1 months) and long (average of 11.3 months) of breastfeeding, found that already at the age of 7 blood pressure in the group of prolonged breast-feeding was significantly lower than in the short. And these results did not depend on body mass at birth, which allowed the researchers to talk about the protective effect of prolonged breastfeeding on high blood pressure in children (Hosaka M et al, 2013).Children who were breast-fed, better educatedA large array of data shoveled Australian researchers, proving this thesis in several directions. The group of 1038 children (Oddy et al 2011) studied academic achievement at the age of 10 years in connection with the duration of breastfeeding. Read more -->

In Kazan girl strangled his mother in the eyes of a child

In Kazan girl strangled his mother in the eyes of a childAccording to investigators, retired drank with his 24-year-old daughter in the apartment quietly played the son of the girls. Alcohol has increased the temperature of the relationship between mother and daughter. Most native people argued over trivial mess that was made by the grandmother.Apparently having exhausted all the arguments, the girl grabbed a towel and began to strangle his own mother. At this point it ran up her son and tried to drag her from choking grandmother. But 7-year-old boy was not strong enough, and he ran to the neighbors, who immediately called the police.Currently, the girl arrested. She confessed to the murder.- In the apartment of one of the houses on the street Halasova found the body of 56-year-old woman with traces of beating and strangulation. Read more -->

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