A fire in a shopping complex near Kazan unable to put out even by helicopter MES

A fire in a shopping complex near Kazan unable to put out even by helicopter MESContinued fire suppression in the trading-exhibition complex OAO "Tatneft" (Zelenodolsk region of Tatarstan, 11 km from Kazan), the signal for the beginning of which was received at 14:05 GMT on Monday.Currently in the fire zone are already 6 of 8 boxes on a total area of 21 thousand square meters.As the press service of EMERCOM of the Russian Federation in Tatarstan, the threat of the spread of fire no further. The total area of the one-storey complex of 28 thousand square meters.Monday in the shopping complex output, this explains the small number of people. The dead and injured there, but many entrepreneurs in the fire lost all their goods.In fire suppression participate 127 people and 34 units of equipment to the scene arrived and has already implemented more than 20 discharges water the helicopter MI-8 MTV aviation unit of the EMERCOM of Russia.Set up operational headquarters, to enhance and organization of fire prepared Kazan stronghold in the amount of 76 people and 14 pieces of equipment, the press service.The causes of fire and damage are. . . . Read more -->

In Kazan woman "mined" from kindergarten boredom

In Kazan woman In Kazan investigated the criminal case against 31-year-old unemployed, made knowingly false information about a terrorist act.on March 4, she called the Manager of EMERCOM of Russia and Tatarstan said that in one of the kindergartens of the Soviet district laid a bomb.At the scene were sent immediately to all emergency services of the city. The police and the Ministry of emergency situations held the evacuation of 75 people at this time in the kindergarten building (60 children and 15 adults). Then dog expert with special trained dog examined all areas of child care and the surrounding area. No explosives were found.In parallel, the police were establishing the identity of the caller women. In a few minutes was found that in the MOE turned 31-year-old resident of one of the houses on Victory Avenue. After her detention was found that at the time of the call she was drunk. Read more -->

Borodin prepares his daughter for the career of a ballerina

Borodin prepares his daughter for the career of a ballerinaIt's no secret that Xenia Borodina have a young daughter Marusya, which as two peas similar to his mother. Borodin loves to pamper his "bead" expensive gifts. To spend a lot of time Ksyusha does not work as she leads an active life in show business, but it is also the presenter of the "House-2".4-year-old girl have predicted career as a TV presenter or model, as Marusia, most likely, will go in the footsteps of her mother, she likes to pose on camera and looks great in the frame. On the days of the civil husband Borodina - Michael Terekhin led Marusya "Dom-2". He showed her where and how does the mother, held at the meeting place. When she saw the women's room, he asked her whether she wants to live there, to which she replied "No".Now she wondered about the future of Marousi and began to pick up her mug, section and school. Read more -->

In Tatarstan eight month old daughter hanged himself in a wheelchair

In Tatarstan eight month old daughter hanged himself in a wheelchairIn Elabuga in one of the apartments down the street intercession eight-month-old boy hanged himself in a wheelchair. This reports the press service of the Investigative Committee, the tragedy took place yesterday, September 26. Based on this fact, in relation to the mother of the deceased child was a criminal case under article "Causing death by negligence".According to law enforcement, the 34-year-old mother went to the school to pick up after the lessons of his eldest son. The younger son left home alone.- Returning, the mother found her son left in a baby carriage in a hanging position without signs of life, - said the representative of SC RT.At the moment continues the investigation of the criminal case. . . Read more -->

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