Daughter of Philip Kirkorov - his little copy

Daughter of Philip Kirkorov - his little copyThis year Philip together with children celebrated Christmas in the UAE. And literally two days later I got on the other side of the globe. He flew to Miami to congratulate Mikhail Zemtsov birthday. Christina Aguilera made for the wife of an unforgettable dinner, inviting all his friends.During his stay in Miami Philip could not refrain from shopping. In the company of his daughter Alla-Victoria, he walked on popular boutiques of the city, and photos of the king of pop shared in his Instagram. "Miami shoping time))" - he signed the picture.By the way, Kirkorov was first photographed her daughter in the face. Read more -->

In Kazan built 7 new kindergartens 840 seats

In Kazan built 7 new kindergartens 840 seatsIn Kazan built 7 new kindergartens, said during today's business Monday, the first Deputy head of the Executive Committee of Kazan Azat Nigmatzyanov.2 of them built on the funds of the Federal budget and the rest in the framework of the Republican program. The construction site was determined by the existence of order in the area and land. The total cost of construction is 538,3 million rubles - about 30 percent allocated from the Federal budget and the rest from the Republican. The construction involved contractors LLC "Aktash", LLC "breeze" and LLC "Cauldron". In the course of work because of the delays were dismissed 2 contractors, and now their duties are carried out by LLC "Aktash", building 4 building.Construction is underway on the streets Lomzhinsky, Koksinsky descent, Absalyamova at the intersection with the street Hakim, Usmanov in complex with gymnasium в„–2, Simonov, Aitmatov and Gavrilova. The capacity of each kindergarten will be 120 seats. Read more -->

The mayor asked the builders "to be delivered" kindergartens

The mayor asked the builders Kazan authorities continue to care about the happiness of their citizens. This time remembered the smallest residents mayor Ilsur Metshin was tasked to build to 1 September 28 new kindergartens.The gardens will appear not only in the area of high-rise buildings, but also in urban settlements. Preschool education should build in Kadysheva, free, Tajiks, Zalisna, Petrovsky, ascension and Small Fangs. Plans to open 4380 new childcare places, and in all, the program will allocate almost 2.3 billion - 70% of the national budget, 30% from the Federal. 4 kindergarten will open for 80 seats, 14 facilities will accommodate 120 children 4 - under 140, 4 - 220. Finally, the 2 biggest garden will be designed for 260 people.In parallel, work will continue on the repair of kindergartens and the discovery of new groups in already built, according to the Mayor of Kazan.Officials have already identified all areas for gardens and space for construction from the old utilities. Read more -->

Ivan Urgant scared pregnant Kristina Asmus

Ivan Urgant scared pregnant Kristina AsmusAs you know, Kristina Asmus is now in the 6th month of pregnancy. The father of the child is a resident of Comedy club Garik Kharlamov. Recently, the couple became the guests of Ivan Urgant show "Evening Urgant". About this Asmus said in his Instagram and showed some interesting pictures."We are the first 'three' on the program. ))" - signed it shot, keeping in mind not Urgant, and future baby. Fans noted that Christine angel face and Garik all the time wears packages and bags: "Garik forever with packages))) Cruz good husband! And the father of a great be more Important to a child is all the time fun))". Read more -->

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