In Kazan the hospital died the teacher of the Tatar gymnasium

In Kazan the hospital died the teacher of the Tatar gymnasiumIn the capital of Tatarstan in the hospital on the last month of pregnancy died 38-year-old woman. The tragedy occurred early Friday morning. Information confirmed in the Ministry of health.Doctors also failed to rescue a newborn baby. The mother worked as a teacher of the Tatar language in Kazan gymnasium в„–28.The woman was taken to the hospital brigade ambulance with severe complication of pregnancy, which began to develop on the background of the pathology of the cardiovascular system. The final diagnosis will be issued after completion of the autopsy and histological examination after three weeks, writes ProKazan. . Read more -->

Reconstruction KP: As a midwife could confuse newborn

Reconstruction KP: As a midwife could confuse newbornTwo Lyudmila with the same name, but still give birth at the same time, and both girls that should already make mothers close friends. But the reason for friendship was not the long-awaited appearance daughters, and medical error. Let's call it so. Thank God, a mother and a keen eye not disappoint, no matter what, the children found their real parents.ONE FOR ALLNo one will say that a C-section, namely through it had to go to moms - is simple and has long been studied. Each case has its own peculiarities. Let's try to understand those that led to such a terrible confusion together with a distinguished obstetrician-gynecologist, who asked not to be named.As explained by the Minister of health of Tatarstan, "lost his job, the midwife who took these genera". Read more -->

Sasha Savelieva of "Factory" boasted pregnant belly

Sasha Savelieva of The soloist of the group "Factory" Sasha Savelieva I got married in April 2010 for his beloved star of TV series "Tatyana's day" Kirill Safonov.3 years later after the wedding Sasha boasted pregnant belly, which, as it turned out, she needed only for shooting. Fans also hope, that a video will be prophetic, and soon Sasha will have the true stomach.Sasha and Kirill met in a nightclub, and at first glance didn't even know each other: Sasha never seen the show "Tatiana's day", and Cyril was not interested in show business and did not know that this girl is the star of the group "Factory". Brought lovers producer Katherine von gechman-Waldeck, who are well acquainted with Sasha, and with Cyril. She gave the actor the telephone singer, he sent her an SMS, then young people are met, and theirs was a frantic affair.Already three weeks after exploring Savelyeva introduced to Cyril with his parents. . . Read more -->

What to remember divorced woman?

What to remember divorced woman?Not offer himself as a sacrifice childNo matter how dear to you baby, he is a separate being. To live with the feeling that you bring the sacrifice of himself, is unacceptable. First, it greatly diminishes you as a person. And it is important to grow next to an interesting person, whom he could respect and who would be proud of.Secondly, in the sacrifice of the mother is always present some unconscious cunning: it means "cost" of the child. In response to your sacrifices, your parent "Ministry" from it will require perfect obedience and following your will and vital issues in the details. This may or explosion in adolescence or conflict around the forthcoming marriage of the child or deformity of his person, the lack of ability to a willful decision.Children "sacrificial" mothers just grow infantile, unable to create families of their own. Read more -->

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