In Tatarstan on fire severely damaged the father of three children

In Tatarstan on fire severely damaged the father of three childrenIn the evening of 19 January in Leninogorsk district in the village Article.Pisanka the fire occurred in a private wooden house, which the owner took the family with three children, the press service of the Ministry of emergency situations in Tatarstan.For the arrival of the fire the house was all on fire, there was the threat of the spread of fire, two barn. During quenching was found that 42-year-old man together with his wife before the arrival of rescuers brought out of the burning house her three children: 10-year-old daughter and sons, 9 and 2 years old.Then the man began to try to save the property from fire resulting received burns of the hands and feet. The victim was at the emergency hospital.The preliminary cause of fire - meek circuit wiring. . . . Read more -->

5. Incomplete rupture of the placenta often causes a strong bleeding;

health. . . . . . Read more -->

The premiere of the film "Treasure O. K." in Kazan will be held April 30

The premiere of the film Kazan, April 23, AIF-Kazan. In Kazan held a press screening of the film "Treasure O. K.". The shooting process of the painting was 115 days. Filmed "the treasure of the lake Kaban" in Kazan, Moscow, the Crimea, and Vladivostok. In addition to famous actors, who played the main roles, Alexei Vorobievaya and actinovate about personalise Vorobyov, Maria Kozhevnikova, Viktor Verzhbitskiy, Ramil Tukhvatullin, Dennis Asika, Gosha Kutsenko and Sergei Shakurov in film involved two Jack-Rosella Terrier.The movie "Treasure O. Read more -->

In Kazan continue to register cases of enteroviral infection

In Kazan continue to register cases of enteroviral infectionIn Kazan registered another case of enteroviral infection in 12-year-old girl, reported IA "Tatar-inform" in the Rospotrebnadzor Administration in the Republic of Tatarstan.It also specified that today it is already treated and discharged home from the recovery.Only on 12 August 2013 in the Republic of registered 18 cases of enteroviral infection, 13 of them in Kazan. In one case registered in Mamadysh, Arsk, Tukai, Tetyushi and Zelenodolsk areas of the country.The incidence rate in the current year is below the average level of 19.3 percent. Among children up to 17 years reported 14 cases, including children under the age of 4 years, 9 cases, 7-17 years - 5 cases.In 94 percent of cases in patients registered "minor" forms of enteroviral infections - herpes sore throat, stomatitis, pharyngitis.Recall that earlier it was reported about the disease of enteroviral meningitis in children Tetuso. Baby cured and discharged home. New cases of enteroviral meningitis in the Republic is not yet registered.The management Rospotrebnadzor RT ongoing monitoring of the circulation of enteroviruses in the environment, as well as activities aimed at the prevention of acute intestinal infections and enteroviral infections.The source of infection is a sick man or infected asymptomatic carrier of the virus. Virusencyclo in healthy individuals is up 46 percent. Read more -->

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