Modern Tatar families are born thanks to the Dating site """

Modern Tatar families are born thanks to the Dating site Five young couples officially confirmed their relationship by marriage, having got acquainted in modern Tatar Dating site "".The project "Anem" - quite young, was launched in late 2013, but the new Tatar pair, thanks to this service, are formed daily. The portal leaving only because of the "find a pair", say the organizers.The website has absorbed all the best from Dating services and adapted Tatar audience. Service is very useful for the Tatars living throughout Russia, as a casual acquaintance on the street or in public places for them problematic.The main goal of this project is to help to find a couple to create a family Union with the preservation of national traditions to cultural values, customs and heritage of the Tatar people is not lost and will never be forgotten and passed down from generation to generation.The most popular Dating services combine too many people of different nationalities, it's difficult to find anyone in particular. To help youth come highly specialized Tatar sites.The Website " has already contributed to the birth of new full Tatar families, helped the preservation of national values and traditions. One of its advantages is free use.The project organizers are constantly working to expand opportunities of the site for ease of use, ease of communication, search, and Dating. At the moment, our users need tools: personal lists of candidates, search the profiles and interests, the button to take the first step; lists of those you like, invitations to date.Search Tatars possible for any city. Read more -->

Hate your child

Hate your childVeronica Glebova, psychologist: Received the following letter:"I hate my son, I don't just hate, and hate with all my heart.He 14 years old, he learns bad with first class; constantly misbehaves, snarls with teachers, draws lessons sends all three letters (teachers).Steals, not only at home but also at school, said that will not learn...We are constantly asked to sit at home because lessons do the impossible.And it started in kindergarten, first, he misbehaved, and school became much worse.". . . . . . Read more -->

In Tatarstan rescuers made from burning the house of a woman and her two children

In Tatarstan rescuers made from burning the house of a woman and her two childrenThe day before, October 31, Leninogorsk district in the village Coachbag street Youth erupted private house. This reports the press service of EMERCOM on RT.When arrived the first calculations, blazed one of the rooms of the home. At this point, inside was the hostess and her two small children. The fire cut off the family of the path to salvation. A firefighter was time to get inside and rescue fire victims. With various burns all of them were immediately hospitalized.The fire destroyed the furniture and things in the room of a private house. Read more -->

The theme of attracting public attention to the issues of providing volunteer assistance to children in difficult life situations

presentation of the organization and programs of the organization. . . . . . Read more -->

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