Kazan in the top ten cities in Russia for tourism of children

Kazan in the top ten cities in Russia for tourism of childrenThis year the children's network of tourist routes in Russia expanded to 6. Now, in addition to St. Petersburg, the Golden ring, the far East, Yasnaya Polyana, Russia, Moscow and Kazan. On this eve said Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets at the meeting dedicated to children's tourism."Registered a number of new routes, they are ready. It is traditional for Russia, routes, and now they will be specialized routes for tourism of children. Moscow, Golden ring, Yasnaya Polyana, the treasures of ancient Kazan and specialized route to the Far East - it will start in Vladivostok, and then it will be added to all Kamchatka," says her statement to RIA "Novosti".Last year was implemented a pilot project to launch tourist route for children. Read more -->

Christmas costumes for boys with their hands

Christmas costumes for boys with their hands1. Christmas costumes for kids. New year's robot costumeFrom cardboard boxes of different sizes and aluminum buckles for quick and easy to make new year's robot costume for a boy. Line the boxes on top of the paper silver color or paint with spray paint. Decorate the costume with colored buttons, lids from bottles, LEDs, computer boards, etc.2. Christmas costumes for boys. Read more -->

Sting again will give a concert in Kazan

Sting again will give a concert in KazanTatarstan, February 8, AIF-Kazan. Sting again will give a concert in Kazan. July 21, 2013 the famous singer and composer will perform in "Tatneft-Arena". Tickets for the dance floor are 2 thousand rubles, for the seats will have to pay from 4 to 12 thousand rubles. Free standing room only 90 in the Mat bought only 70 tickets from 1344.Sting will visit Kazan within the framework of the world tour "BACK TO BASS" along with five musicians: with his regular guitarist Dominic Miller, Vinnie Colaiuta (drums), David, Senkos (keyboards), Peter Ticello (violin) and Jo Lawry (vocals). Tour "BACK TO BASS" sting has performed in 2012, with music critics appreciated the creativity of the team, according to the portal kzn.kassir.ru.Recall that in early July 2011 sting already visited Kazan. Read more -->

The mother of the children Kirkorov came to "Golden gramophone""

The mother of the children Kirkorov came to When the pop king Filipp Kirkorov was born the daughter of Alla-Victoria it was like a bomb exploded. Public "Golden gramophone" was shocked and could not wait to see the details: how did looks like, who is the mother. The birth of a son has evoked different feelings: some reacted to this event with skepticism, others rejoiced, others indifferently to hear the news: apparently, are accustomed to multiple paternity Philip Bedrosovich.Once again on the prize "Golden gramophone" from Philip waited for new sensations and the king of pop was not to deviate from the established traditions. "Philip, today will be some of the statements? Tradition should observe, he asked the host of the ceremony Ivan Urgant and Dmitriy Nagiev.What Philip said that the mother of his children present in the room: "I will Say one thing: she's here!" - Obishowed Kirkorov. This, however, the pop sensation-the king is gone: all the journalists asked him to show them the surrogate mother of his kids, or at least to hint who she is, Philip answered with a resounding "no".By the way, my son Kirkorov another mother, this explains the presence of sister Alla Victoria, who is older than his brother was only 7 months.As previously said Kirkorov in an interview with NTV, Alla-Victoria and Martin surrounded not only paternal, and maternal care. According to him, a son and daughter not only know the word "father" and "mother". Read more -->

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