The head of Bashkortostan has asked to postpone the conversation about the project of high-speed tram

The head of Bashkortostan has asked to postpone the conversation about the project of high-speed tramThe President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov has acted as arbitrator between the city of Ufa and residents in the construction of streetcar lines in the city. He proposed to postpone the decision on this project indefinitely. The price On the construction of high-speed tram in Ufa began to speak in the last year.This is an incomplete text of the news. . . . Read more -->


BUT THE Tatarstan authorities have announced a boycott of the "alternative" child restraint devices. The inspectors ceased to recognize the so-called "adapters" full replacement child seats and mercilessly fined drivers for their use. Those, in turn, resent on Internet forums and threaten to challenge the protocols in court. Meanwhile, since September 1, the amount of the penalty for the lack of child restraints - three thousand rubles - is comparable to the cost of the devices, the use of which at traffic raises no objections.Adapters that do not like the inspectors, usually referred to as "fests" - the name of the company, which first started to make them. Actually "fests" produces not only LLC "Company "FEST". But the authorship of that experience at the company who patented his adapter, user does not matter. Read more -->

Where in Kazan to take your children on a Christmas tree

Where in Kazan to take your children on a Christmas treeUnder the tree with the Smurfs!Kids will be able to help your favourite heroes to save the New year and to defeat the evil magician of GargamaleTouching cartoon about cute creatures that call themselves smurf, I love both children and adults. Little gnomes live in the depths of the forest, in the village Smurfer, where all the houses to look like large mushrooms. Every smurf is a unique character with its own history and character, everyone has their own Hobbies and interests. Just one hundred and one hundred boys and one girl. Kids combines friendship and kindness, which they generously share with all your friends and forests. Of course, there are small dirty dog, which create the Smurfs all sorts of difficulties. Read more -->

In Leninogorsk (Tatarstan) three drunken fired at the patrol police

In Leninogorsk (Tatarstan) three drunken fired at the patrol policePolice detained three citizens, who, being intoxicated, fired at the patrol car from a pneumatic gun.As reported to IA REGNUM in the press-service of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Tatarstan, April 23 about an hour the night crew private security arrived in the OP for Leninogorsk district for the Protocol on administrative offence on the detainee. At this time out of the house No. 19 on the street Asadullin, located in front of the police building, was opened fire on the patrol car.The police established the apartment, used for shooting. Present in her three friends who were in a state of alcoholic intoxication, were detained and taken to the Department. They were two residents of Kazan 26 and 50 years of age and a resident of the village of Kama Mouth. The 26-year-old Kazan was seized pneumatic gun.From the questioning of detainees found that they all work in the same firm, and in Leninogorsk came on a business trip. Read more -->

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