Alsu daughters starred in a Christmas photo shoot

Alsu daughters starred in a Christmas photo shootThis year the singer Alsu first came out with their daughters, although I refused to show children. It happened at the event "Kinder MUSIC Awards, which was attended by many celebrities.Senior Safin in September was 7 years younger Michelle 5 years. In recognition of the singer eldest similar to the father - Jan Abramovich, and the younger the mother, she was born blonde. The nature of the girls are very different. Safin is very balanced lady, and Micelle - fire, she loves to sing loudly and be in the spotlight. Girls can hurt and already arguing with parents. Read more -->

Herpes in children

Herpes in childrenWhat is herpes? Harmless sore on the lips or much more serious than it might seem at first glance.Herpes in children is one of the most common viral infections. The name "herpes" in Greek means "creeping" that very aptly describes the course of the disease. Because the virus "creeps" from cell to cell by integrating itself into the genetic apparatus. The family of herpes infections is quite extensive, the most common herpes simplex viruses (HSV) 1-St and 2-nd type, at least - the varicella-zoster virus or herpes Stays Zoster), Epstein-Barr (or virus infectious mononucleosis), cytomegalovirus (CMV).How a child can become infected? Methods virus a lot:1. with semen at the moment of conception,2. through the blood and the placenta during pregnancy (not always)3. Read more -->

In Tatarstan in accidents involving cyclists were injured 36 children, but one died

In Tatarstan in accidents involving cyclists were injured 36 children, but one diedMost of these incidents happened in June: 25 accidents, one person was killed, 24 injured. But July does not promise anything good, only 10 days in accidents suffered 6 children on bicycles. It is worth noting that in 5 cases they themselves were to blame, because he violated traffic rules.In just six months proizoshlo 37 accident, in which one child died, 36 children were injured. Compared to the same period last year the number of accidents increased by 76%, the number of injured 15 children, reports the press service of the STSI Tatarstan.The main cause of these accidents that night cyclists and so hard to see. And they also travel on the roadway right under the wheels of cars. Therefore, the traffic police warns: on the highway have the right to travel only persons aged 14 years. Read more -->

Daughter of Philip Kirkorov - his little copy

Daughter of Philip Kirkorov - his little copyThis year Philip together with children celebrated Christmas in the UAE. And literally two days later I got on the other side of the globe. He flew to Miami to congratulate Mikhail Zemtsov birthday. Christina Aguilera made for the wife of an unforgettable dinner, inviting all his friends.During his stay in Miami Philip could not refrain from shopping. In the company of his daughter Alla-Victoria, he walked on popular boutiques of the city, and photos of the king of pop shared in his Instagram. "Miami shoping time))" - he signed the picture.By the way, Kirkorov was first photographed her daughter in the face. Read more -->

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