Pavel Volya prohibits Laysan Utyasheva paint

Pavel Volya prohibits Laysan Utyasheva paintLaysan utiasheva, which became a mother last may, has regained its form. As previously said gymnast its subscribers in theInstagram, she started training 40 days after childbirth, for 10 min each day. Laysan also admitted that 12 pounds gained during pregnancy, were it a real tragedy. It became annoying and form cellulite."And this is all despite the fact that I am an athlete and lead an active lifestyle. At some point I realized that I need to lose weight, but to do it in smart ways! Now I switched to a balanced diet, and just over a month I managed to lose 4 pounds!" said earlier Laysan in an exclusive interview to the portal "dnage".However, many noted that the birth of a child only gave femininity Laysan, it forms a rounded, which made the world more beautiful. Itself utiasheva says that it is not until the end came in the form. Read more -->

The MPs want the spring to return the "winter time""

The MPs want the spring to return the What time will live Russians? It would seem that this question has already been closed year - round "summer time" refused to cancel more than once. And so on Monday, 23 December, it was reported that deputies may spring to adopt a law on the return of the "winter time". This was stated by a member of the state Duma Committee on health protection Olga Krasilnikov."Return to winter time waiting for many voters, and in our health Committee received many letters with such a request, the Russians complain of chronic lack of sleep and fatigue," said Olga Konstantinovna. However, she added that due to the cancellation of the "winter time" the Russians are forced to go to bed and stay in constant darkness, in the dark to get to work, according to RIA Novosti.Recall, back in December of last year, the state Duma deputies asked the government to return the hands, however, the Cabinet headed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who introduced this law in 2011, has decided not to change anything.READ MOREExperts know: when is the best time - summer or winter?Andrey Panin, candidate of geographical Sciences, associate Professor of geomorphology and paleogeography of the geographical faculty of Moscow state University:Any system with something better, something worse, and this perception is very individual. Winter gives more early dawn in winter, but it gets dark earlier. But in the summer it definitely steals the evening light clock. Read more -->

Feofilaktova of "House-2" threw son on his birthday

Feofilaktova of Razbivatelja hearts Eugene Feofilaktova, one of the brightest members of the controversial TV show "Dom-2", a year and a half ago she married her beloved Anton Gusev. 6 months after the wedding, Jane gave birth to her son Daniel.Parents Guseva always belonged to this Union skeptical, despite the assistance of the young. After the birth of his grandson mother-in-law insisted on the procedure of DNA to his grandson, to establish the fact that the true paternity. Eugene this fact angered to the depth of dose and she has stopped communicating with my mother Anton. Anton was also against the procedure, because, in his opinion, the similarity with Daniel in the face.Recently Eugene and had forgotten about the next birth date of his son. As is known, up to a year roditeli each month to celebrate the birthdays of their children. Read more -->

Paramedics-motobiker appeared in Kazan

Paramedics-motobiker appeared in KazanThe ambulance Kazan received 2 Suzuki motorbike. About this a correspondent of IA "Tatar-inform" said the chief doctor of the ambulance station of Kazan Aidar Fatykhov.For motorbike sat ambulance staff of the city who have experience driving this vehicle. For them it was a combination of hobby work.Each level has 3 cases with the necessary equipment, including a defibrillator, oxygen cylinder, oxygen mask, a bag with medical supplies, blood glucose meter, blood pressure monitor, set for first aid in case of damage to soft tissues, etc. Thus, the nurse will be able to assist you until the arrival of a specialized team. In the nurse-motobecane - uniform and helmet.By the way, motorbikes already started to go on calls. First trip was on July 18 at the scene of the accident, which occurred at the intersection of the Decembrists and Yamasheva. Read more -->

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