Children Kirkorov terrorize each other

Children Kirkorov terrorize each otherThis year Philip together with children celebrated Christmas in the UAE, and then he flew to Miami to congratulate Mikhail Zemtsov birthday. The king of pop spoils children, gives them lavish gifts and clothes in brandbuy clothes.Their grandfather, Bedros Kirkorov, said Alla-Victoria grows a real meanie. Often between her and Martin fights happen."The grandchildren of musical talent and Martin, and Alla-Victoria will only hear the melody begin to priplyasyvaet and fall in tact! said Bedros "StarHit". - They fight over toys. The girl is a bit harmful and its does not, and it selects. Brother then her nabrasyvaetsya with Cams, and it gives the date. Read more -->

In preparation for the Universiade in Kazan found abuse

In preparation for the Universiade in Kazan found abuseThe company, which was to put the Railways equipment for screening arriving by train at the Universiade-2013 in Kazan, defaulted on more than 14 million rubles, according to the official UK representative of the Russian Federation Vladimir Markin. Volga investigation Department of transport the beginning of the preliminary examination, following which a decision will be made regarding the initiation of proceedings. According to Mr Markin, in mid-2012 the head of the Directorate for railway stations, Railways Sergey Abramov program to ensure security during the Universiade signed with LLC "Automated systems of control plus the number of contracts for the supply and installation of equipment with a total cost of more than 97 million rubles by the end of 2012, the company had to put and put into operation at the railway station of Kazan inspection equipment. At the time of inspection of the Kazan station, which took place in January 2013, it was recorded that "ASC plus" has not fulfilled obligations amounting to more than 14 million rubles In this regard, Volga investigation Department of transport of the RF IC start preliminary examination on the subject of abuse of authority, following which a decision will be made regarding the initiation of proceedings. World summer Universiade in Kazan will be held from 6 to 17 July 2013. Preparations for it started in 2008. Read more -->

Terrorists deprived baby food

Terrorists deprived baby foodTo consult with the airport staff reporter "VK" made, strangely, the abundance of water in the Directive of the Federal air transport Agency. The fact that it called its ban on the carriage of liquids "full" (say, no more of that liquid, which would not need to take the Luggage). But at the same time specified that "the necessary fluids and hygiene products are not prohibited." In other words, as in the expression "death can not be pardoned". After all, aboard whom Valerian required, and to whom, and a bottle of vodka sorely needed. Exactly what Sony had in mind? Moreover, it was not clear what to do to the passenger, which has no baggage, but there is only one tiny hand baggage? The bubble to pass the inspection?Call service airport, as usual, nothing unexpected has brought. First sent out. Read more -->

Large family Kazan today will be able to select land in the village Sakura

Large family Kazan today will be able to select land in the village SakuraIn large families Kazan today have the opportunity to choose land in the village Sakura Laishevsky district of Tatarstan. This was announced at the business Monday at city hall.The Chairman of the Committee of land and imodeling relations of the Executive Committee of Kazan Ratmir company reminded participants that in order to ensure families land Executive Committee of the city is developing a 2-site - in Vysokogorsky region (300 ha) and Laishevo region RT (166 ha). On Vysokogorsky district formed 1835 land plots for individual housing construction. Was invited 4120 families of them 1732 family chose the land, and made 1644 resolution of the Executive Committee."In relation to land in Sokurah plan to generate 1100 land. At present provided in the municipal property of the first land of the three part 166 hectares, which is delimited on 462 of the land," - said the speaker.Ratmir the company noted that the selection procedure starts from today. Scheduled date of election: 7 to 11 and 14 to 17 October. Read more -->

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