In Leninogorsk (Tatarstan) three drunken fired at the patrol police

In Leninogorsk (Tatarstan) three drunken fired at the patrol policePolice detained three citizens, who, being intoxicated, fired at the patrol car from a pneumatic gun.As reported to IA REGNUM in the press-service of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Tatarstan, April 23 about an hour the night crew private security arrived in the OP for Leninogorsk district for the Protocol on administrative offence on the detainee. At this time out of the house No. 19 on the street Asadullin, located in front of the police building, was opened fire on the patrol car.The police established the apartment, used for shooting. Present in her three friends who were in a state of alcoholic intoxication, were detained and taken to the Department. They were two residents of Kazan 26 and 50 years of age and a resident of the village of Kama Mouth. The 26-year-old Kazan was seized pneumatic gun.From the questioning of detainees found that they all work in the same firm, and in Leninogorsk came on a business trip. Read more -->

In Kazan plan to build an international school

In Kazan plan to build an international schoolShe is an international not because there are going to be trained children from different countries of the world under the slogan of "peace, friendship, chewing gum". Just school will work on educational program IB (international baccalaureate) and to give as bonuses, in addition to Russian and international certificates. Education is equivalent foreign, so to do after school, you will not only in the universities of Tatarstan and Russia, but also to look much further abroad. The study is almost the same, and some benefits.Teaching will invite foreign experts, the subjects will be conducted in a foreign language. For the first time here will be able to get about a hundred students who will study in mini-classes on 10 man, and later think to release 350 internationally educated students.This school is the first experiment in the Republic. Naturally, since this is an international school, we must meet: it was built to attract the American company "Fielding and Nair International, headed by Jay Litmanen, who has more than 100 such projects in 40 countries. Read more -->

In Kazan this week 496 born babies

In Kazan this week 496 born babiesIn Kazan from 23 to 29 January 496 born babies - 239 boys and 257 girls. The age of the youngest moms - 17, and the most Mature - 45 years, according to the civil registry office of Kazan.The most popular names of this week were: Amir Timur, Arthur, Karim, Arina, Pauline, Alice and Sophia. The most rare names that parents have named their children: Alan, Amanor, Arislan, Theon, RUSAL, Daniela.In addition, 168 couples getting married in Kazan during this time. . . . Read more -->

Angelina Jolie was first published without breast

Angelina Jolie was first published without breastActress Angelina Jolie was first published after surgery to remove mammary glands. This event took place in London at the premiere of the film "war of the worlds Z", played by brad pitt.The couple marched not red, and black carpet. Angelina said she is glad that we were able to attract people to the issue of women's health and was forced to talk about this whole world. 37-year-old star also admitted that feels good, "All is well, I am very grateful for the support".In her difficult decision was supported by husband brad pitt. The whole world was shocked when I learned that Angelina Jolie did a double mastectomy. Now chances are the stars of breast cancer have dropped from 87% to 5%. Read more -->

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